Jan. 25, 2020

2nd Act Announcement: The Babadook

Katy Houseman - Fusion Belly Dancer
 brought the house down last year with her creative and bloody vision of Julia from Hellraiser. We are so excited to have her back this year, but in a little different tone.

The Babadook released in 2014 and quickly became a smash hit. It won 49 various awards and even got praise from the Director of The ExorcistWilliam Friedkin.

Did you know that around 9,500 Babadook Pop Up Books we’re sold in promotion of the movie? Good luck getting one now!

Come see Katy and friends at

Horrific: A Night of Horror Themed Belly Dance
Jan 26th, 2019
Temple Theatre in Tacoma, Wa
Tickets at www.horrificshow.com