Jan. 25, 2020

4th Act Annoucement: The Witch

The Collective wow'd us last year with their portrayal of American Psycho. This year they will be exploring the supernatural with The Witch.

"As horror icons go, however, Bela Lugosi this is not. Black Phillip's actual name is Charlie, and he's since retired to a farm not far from where The Witch was shot in Northern Ontario. There he lives bucolically, wholly unaware of his cult-celebrity status

Like so many movie stars, Charlie lucked into his breakthrough role largely because of his looks. "A trainer showed us some pictures and we chose the goat who looked the Black Phillip-iest," recalls Eggers, who tends to emit a faint sigh of exasperation whenever the subject of Charlie comes up.

But Charlie wasn't the easiest to work with. No one in the cast had a rougher time with Charlie than Ralph Ineson. A veteran British actor with a bassy voice and large, aristocratic features, Ineson, 46, had to drop 30 pounds to play the family patriarch, a starving farmer. That left him at a distinct disadvantage when he was called upon to wrestle Black Phillip, as dictated by several scenes in the script.

"I didn't have a lot of gas in the tank, really," Ineson says of sparring with the beast, who weighed about 50 pounds more than him. "He was horrible. Really, really horrible. From the moment we set eyes on each other it was just kind of hate at first sight. He had two modes: chilling out and doing nothing, or attacking me."

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